Lenovo doing first project with Google to launch Tango Phone

Everyone knows that both the Google and Lenovo are the most popular gadget brands in the international market with the maximum exposure. A lot of gadget lovers are waiting long days for the introduction of the Google’s 3D location technology. Finally, it has become true by making the partnership with the Lenovo. This Chinese company Lenovo has recently announced the world’s first Tango enabled phone which is Phab2 Pro in the market.

Project Tango with Google:

The tango phone project of the Lenovo has actually come from the advanced technology of the Google and also projects lab. This new model of phone is basically designed to give new augmented reality capabilities and indoor tracking facilities to the virtual world of your smart phone.

The users will surely have the best experience of better augmented reality gaming and also the interior decoration of your home by just pointing your phone around you. Google has now dropped this project of producing the Tango mobiles and Lenovo takes a complete responsibility of manufacturing it. In the beginning of the 2016, Lenovo started partnership with the Google to produce the first Tango phone project in the world wide market.

Specifications of Tango photo:

The following are the actual specifications of the first Tango mobile Phab2 Pro of Lenovo with Google along with the several features.

  • Display – 6.4 inches
  • RAM – 4 GB
  • Internal storage – 64 GB
  • External storage can be extended to 128 GB
  • Resolution – 2560 x 1440 pixels
  • Edges of the glass – 2.5 D
  • Camera – 16 megapixels
  • Thickness point of this tango phone will be 10.7 mm
  • Running Android 6.0 operating system
  • Batter – 4050 mAh

It has the wide range of 6.4 inches display to give you large screen to see many things in the convenient manner. 4 GB RAM will be increasing your smart phone’s speed whether you are running any programs or application at this gadget. 64 GB of internal storage is really awesome to store many applications, photos, videos, documents, and other things in the bulk amount. Even though you are saving them bulk on this Phab2 Pro tango smart phone, its 4GB RAM will surely increase its speed. The users can able to extend your memory storage up to 128 GB by inserting the microSD card in your mobile phone. The higher resolution of this device would be very helpful to view photos and videos in the crystal clear way. 16 MP of camera would be really helpful to take such a great resolution of HD photos and videos in this tango phone. The best specs of this tango photo from the tie up of the Lenovo with the advanced technology of Google are really wonderful to enjoy the top end of smart phone experience in this year 2016. It is running the new Android 6.0 OS to give you several advanced features.

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