Five billion mile mission of the Rosetta through the space coming to end in Sept 30 2016

Everyone knows that the Rosetta spacecraft is now on its mission through the space and currently completed 5 billion miles of mission in its way. Recently, the European space agency has announced that the mission of this spacecraft will be going to end in September 30. It was actually launched on March 2 of the year 2004. Rosetta is not in its 12th year of space travel and it has been sending excellent photos of the earth. At this moment, this Rosetta spacecraft is in the orbit around comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko but not very away from the orbit of the Jupiter.

Why Rosetta ends its mission?

The reason for the end of the Rosetta’s mission in the space is that reduction in the solar power necessary for its personal operating and its instruments combined with the bandwidth reduction for the down linking scientific data which results in its running out of the usages. As this spacecraft is moving away from the sun every time, it will not get enough power to keep the heaters always warm for its regular functions.

The final mission of this Rosetta would be planned to personally close up with the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko in which it arrived approximately 2 years ago. In the orbit around this, the Rosetta heaters are running out of its battery and it will get reduction in its energy. This is why ESA (European Space Agency) has announced that Rosetta is going to get retirement from its natural life. After its mission completed, the communications with the Rosetta spacecraft would be severed once for all in order to close the historic mission to remove all the secrets of the comets.

Last plan of the mission:

The actual plan of its last mission is to land this spacecraft on the icy surface of the comet. Otherwise, it will take its ending few hours to take the valuable photographs, recordings, and measurements during the descent that helps to grow the understanding of asteroids and also their main role in the universe.

For this landing purpose on the comet’s ice surface, this spacecraft has the special comet lander which is approved to travel billions of distance on the space. During the beginning of its mission, it planned to move around the Earth and Mars in order to took the several unseen photos and do several researches. Finally, it has been set on the icy surface of the comet for the different researches. After completed 3 months, Rosetta sent the 220 pound or 100 kg Philae probe down to the comet surface for the deep space saga closely watched around the globe through the cartoon recreations of pioneering pair.

The scientists are trying to do as many as observations and researches possible before the mission end of the Rosetta spacecraft project. The ending weeks of the comet observations with the Rosetta will really going to be challenging and also thrilling to all the scientists and at the end they have found so many new things about comet.

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