Everything that you need to know about Android TV

In the present days, we are living in the era of latest technological advancements and developments.  You can see there are different kinds of the gadgets and tools that are arriving in the world to entertain the people. As the way, the mobile phones are one of the most necessary things for the people to perform a variety of actions. In fact, there are different kinds of mobile phones like android, apple and some other phones are offered in the market to give you a wide range of features. As the same way, the Android TV is the latest technology that is used in the present days for enjoying movies. In this article, you will see about this android TV platform in the most effective manner.

What is the android TV?

Actually, the Android TV is the latest smart Television platform that is created by the Google. In fact, it is working based on the Android 5.0 version called Lollipop operating system.  However, it can create the interactive television experienced through the 10 foot user interface.

This Android TV can be built both into the Televisions and into the stand alone digital media players. However, this Android TV can have the ability to turn any television into the smart TV that allows the viewers to do anything that can be done through the computer right on their television.  As the way, it can help to surf on the internet, reading emails, looking the photos and simply through the TV set.

Of course, this TV box is compatible with the color TV’s like LCD, LED and more. Furthermore, it can connect to the internet through the LAN, 3G or Wi-Fi.  This means that you need not to purchase any other extra tools or extra services for enjoying the box.  However, it can also act as the router for all other devices which include the phones, laptops, desktops computer, tablet and more.

Features of the Android TV

With the emergence of the Android TV box, you can get a wide range of features and benefits.  As the way, you can change your living room as the multimedia center with the exclusive collection of the material to select from both on and offline.

As the Android TV set can run on the Android 4.0 operating systems, you can get the chance to download any apps or files right through your Television set.  Of course, it is also beneficial to use the social networking sites like Facebook, Skype, Twitter and more. Apart from these things, you can also enjoy watching movies and playing games too over your television without any hassle.

In addition to that, this device is also compatible with the USB drive and Flash drives too. Therefore, you can plug them in the TV set to view the saved documents and the photos easily. Of course, this Android TV set can be used with the wireless mouse, flying remote and even with the keyboard.  In this manner, the Android TV set can provide a large number of features for you.


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