Apple recently revealed four new emoji sticker packs for iOS 10 beat users

Apple is the most favorite and widely used gadget brand which has been frequently releasing smart phones, tablets, desktop computers, laptop computers, smart watches, and various other gadgets. In such gadgets, a lot of people are using the stickers in the storage boxes while texting to a friend or commenting any post on the social media sites. Every time there is an improvement in such stickers in order to enhance the texting and commenting experience of the iOS users. So, Apple company has recently revealed the four new emoji sticker packs especially for the iOS 10 beta users.

Apple’s new emoji stickers:

Most of the people are gadget fanatic and they are madly following the Apple brand and its new innovations to enjoy their creativity. Apple is always unique in its features, technology, and all. Everyone knows that Apple iOS 10 is going to release in the market quickly. Before the release of this new featured iOS operating system, the funny emoji stickers of this iOS version has been revealed to the beta users and created huge interest on them/ Apple gadget company has been revealed 4 new packs of emoji stickers for its upcoming iOS 10 platforms.

A lot of people are eagerly waiting to the release of the iOS 10 and use those emoji stickers in their texting and commenting to have more fun with friends. For the emoji lovers, it could be the nice news from the Apple. For the iOS 10 beta version of the operating system, the sample pictures of the emoji stickers have been released in the market to create huge interest among the individuals.

How to use those emoji stickers in your Apple device:

Almost everyone has an experience of using the emoji stickers in the Facebook, and some other social media websites. Similar to the facebook messenger, this latest Apple software also allows the third party developers to attach the specially designed gift packs and emoji stickers to its API. The new sets of emoji stickers for the iOS beta users would be 3D smileys, old school Mac icons, hand signs, and also heart animations. These smileys and emoji stickers are not like the traditional hand symbols and other stickers. These are animated and in the 3D format to make your texting and commenting experience improved at all.

The collection of these new established emoji stickers could be accessed within the redesigned messaging app of the Apple under the particular tab with the App Store icon. Along with these newly released emoji stickers from the Apple, the users of the upcoming iOS 10 beta version could also be attach the new emoji stickers of the third party developers with the new messaging features of the Apple. These 3D and animated stickers will surely give you enhanced texting and commenting experience with full of new way of messaging. Many Apple fans are eagerly waiting for the release date of iOS 10 beta version to experience these new emoji stickers in their texts

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